New Shows Starting January 2012

We haven’t even got to Christmas, yet there is already a huge buzz on TV shows set to begin in the New Year. From the return of Celebrity Big Brother, to a morning debate show named The Big Questions, there are plenty of excellent TV shows set to kick off in January sure to leave us all glued to the sofa, or will they?

One of the most talked about TV shows returning to our screens in the first few weeks of January 2012, is Celebrity Big Brother. The show has been running for almost a decade now in the UK, and despite the fact that it only seems like yesterday that we seen the lovable traveler Paddy win a few months ago, Channel 5 has already began negotiating with stars around the world to tempt them into starring in the new series in January.

Although there are no official confirmations of stars who will be appearing on the reality show we all love to hate, yet cannot resist watching, there have been many hard to ignore rumors all over tabloids and the internet of who will be going into the house next year. Lindsay Lohan, is one celebrity said to be talking with Channel 5 at the moment, however despite her interest in doing the show her recent chain of legal issues may hinder her chances of being allowed to leave the US to spend time in the UK for Celebrity Big Brother 2012. Natasha Giggs is another name we have all seen splashed over newspapers this year, and is also said to be considering a stint in the house. Other familiar names within the UK who we may just see in the house next year include Denise Welch from Loose Women; ex Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy; and even X factor rejects Frankie Cocozza and Kitty Bruckenell have expressed an interest in entering the house in January.

Who goes in? Who doesn’t? We will have to stay tuned to find out!

January 8th 2012, over on BBC1 sees the return of The Big Questions. This show is quite the opposite to Channel 5’s Big Brother, as the show’s host Nick Cambell brings an open debate to our living rooms each morning. The show is filmed in front of a live audience, and will see a variety of guests each week engage in sometimes heated debates with one an another surrounding a cast range of topics from religion to politics.

Also said to be returning to Channel 4 in January 2012 is season 9 of Shameless. The show will return with its usual late night slot over on Channel 4, and will run for several weeks with more than 15 episodes for us all to enjoy. The show will see the return of everyone’s favourite lout Frank Gallagher, as well as a good number of the existing cast we seen in season 8. Bringing something fresh to the new season in January 2012, there has also been news of several new cast members who will be joining next year’s show. Some details of who will be joining include an ex Eastenders cast member Stephen Lor, as well as Angela Ball from the Commitments, which will play alongside Lord as his sister. There will also be an ex Skins cast member Morwenna Banks joining who is said to be playing a project consultant with a ruthless attitude sure to cause a stir amongst the Chatsworth Estate residents.

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