BBC iPlayer in Thailand (Or Anywhere in Asia)

Now I don't normally bother watching UK TV while I am on holiday, after all it is supposed to be a vacation! However as many of you know I do like watching Formula One racing, and here in Thailand they are not showing the Formula One Turkish GP practice sessions.

However as always the BBC are showing this streamed live from their website, so as always I have opened up my trusty copy of Identity Cloaker, this time installed on my netbook (very low powered) and I am currently watching BBC iPlayer here in Thailand.

Now as some of you know Internet connections in Thailand are monitored, and whatever you do here is recorded. So using Identity Cloaker here also allows you to keep you connection secure, and bypass restrictions placed on some websites from being viewable here.

If you do want to watch iPlayer abroad here in Thailand then you need to disable the encryption while watching, it would seem just like in Australia connections which are encrypted are throttled.

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