Sky TV Abroad with Sky Player

I tested something today which I have been meaning to do for many months Sky TV in Australia!!!

Watch Sky AbroadYep Sky TV abroad, not that awful Foxtel that people normally have to suffer here.

I have to say it works amazingly! Even better than BBC iPlayer abroad! Now don't get too excited as Sky Player requires a subscription, as it is of course a premium network in the UK and not free to air. It is possible to get a subscription just for Sky Player but the prices are pretty high, in fact they seem to be about the same as a full Sky TV subscription in the UK! However if you have friends or family back in the UK then perhaps they will let you use their accounts for free. A Sky TV account will support up to 4 PCs, they will however also need either multiroom OR Sky Broadband Unlimited.

And of course YOU will need a copy of Identity Cloaker to make it seem like you are still in the UK!

Once you have Identity Cloaker installed all you need to do is connect to any of its UK servers and then login to Sky Player, once you are logged in you can actually turn off Identity Cloaker and it still works! It would seem Sky Player only checks the IP address when you login (this may of course change in the future so if you have problems after turning Identity Cloaker off try running with it on).

I have found the quality is actually better than BBC iPlayer for On Demand, even in Australia on one of the worst ISPs in the country I can watch a 60 minute show without a single pause. Sky Player seems to buffer much more of the program than BBC iPlayer does, in fact it buffers the entire program if it can, and this really helps smooth out any connections problems you might have.

For Live TV it obviously can't buffer the same way and this gives a few problems, I am however able to run Sky Player Live on medium quality setting most of the time and the low setting always works. So if you want the best quality its better to watch On Demand rather than live (given the huge time difference between the UK and Australia the On Demand function is much more useful anyway!).

I will try and get a video up of Sky TV working abroad with Identity Cloaker this weekend for you all!

4 Responses to “Sky TV Abroad with Sky Player”

  • Pobman:

    Mmm thats a little odd, people have more trouble with RTE normally!

    I have just tested this from the Gold Coast and it is working. Try another IP from Identity Cloaker. Now and then I cant login, does not give the an error as such just says:

    No Results for ”

    At such times I have found if I login to email first, and then to Skyplayer, it works. Today I had to try my username and password twice, but got in no problem.

  • sol:

    Eamo – did you find a solution for sky player??

  • Pobman:

    Well I am still able to watch Skyplayer abroad using IDC, as I said at worst I have to login a couple of times OR go in through the email login.

  • Dennis:

    Only shame with this is the amount of money Sky want! I guess however if you have friends in the UK then they could let you ‘borrow’ there account?

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