Pandora Outside the US

OK this is radio and not TV, but it’s so good you can’t miss out on this one!

There once was a time when the whole world could listen to Pandora, then on May 3rd 2007 the ‘Internet Waves’ went dead as the service was pulled from all markets except the USA.

Pandora is a radio station that allows you to listen to the music you want, as and when you want it, using your selections as a guide to the type of music you want to listen too. However Pandora is not a play on demand system, the inputs you make are used to generate a type or theme of music that they will offer you, this has the advantage that you will hear songs that you did not know about but are in the genre you like.

So what if you want to listen to Pandora outside the USA, in Canada, UK or even Australia? Well Pandora requires very little bandwidth compared with TV broadcasts, and thus you will have great success with it no matter where you are in the world. I am yet to find a broadband connection anywhere in the world which did not have enough bandwidth to play Pandora.

Listen to Pandora Outside the USA

To listen to Pandora you should use either the Proxy or VPN options in Identity Cloaker, I personally use the proxy as its quicker to setup. If you want to use the full service you will need to register, and to do that you will need a US ZIP code, pick one from here.

Tip: If you normally use Firefox (and if you don’t you should do!) you can setup Identity Cloaker without the Firefox plugin, start the proxy selecting a US server and then open Internet Explorer and visit Pandora. Then use Firefox for the rest of your browsing. Why? Well this way all the traffic for Pandora is going through Internet Explorer and the Proxy server in the USA, while the rest of your web browsing is being done using you regular connection with your ISP. You will find this is the fastest way to do things!

Check out the video below showing Pandora working in Australia, and my two browser method which lets you listen to the radio through Identity Cloaker and still surf through your regular connection.