Why Not Use VPN Gates?

I was asked this morning why a person should use Identity Cloaker over VPN Gates, as they both offer a UK VPN service. Now it is true if the only thing you are interested in is watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK then both packages will do the same thing for about the same price. BUT (and this is a big but) Identity Cloaker will do everything VPN Gates can give you and a whole lot more.

Plus in reality for most people it is far cheaper!


VPN Gates Identity Cloaker Winner
Countries Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, UK, US Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, US Draw
Cost $120/Year per country 79.97 per year for all 7 countries Identity Cloaker
Ease of Use Requires specific computer rights to setup, manual configuration Works with any user account, program runs without need for installation Identity Cloaker
Portability Difficult, requires access to network configuration options Easy, runs from USB flash drive on any user account Identity Cloaker
VPN Yes Yes Draw
Proxy No Yes Identity Cloaker
Encryption Yes, type not stated Yes, Rjindael AES-256 Inconclusive

You may be wondering why you need both VPN and Proxy options, well it does have its uses. I personally have my system setup so only Internet Explorer uses Identity Cloaker, that way I can have Pandora running through the proxy with IE7 while keeping my Firefox browser on its original IP in Australia. If I was running with a VPN this would not be possible and I would have to send all my traffic through the US if I wanted to listen to Pandora in the background, which clearly is less efficient!

Regarding costs most people end up using UK and US servers, and as such Identity Cloaker will work out at about half the price of VPN Gates over the year

* The encryption used by Identity Cloaker is the same as used by the US Government, it is therfore unlikely VPN Gates uses anything better.