VPN or Proxy for UK TV Abroad?

I keep getting asked the question of when you should use a proxy and when a VPN for watching BBC iPlayer Abroad, each has it’s own positives and I mostly use the proxy option then turn it off once the program is streaming, however there are times when you will want to you the VPN method.

Luckily Identity Cloaker includes both these options for the same low monthly price, so we get to choose what we need!

Below you will see what options work for each service in the UK, and any reasons why you should pick one over another.

BBC iPlayer Abroad
Proxy: Yes VPN: Yes
Notes: Use the VPN option if you want to download from BBC iPlayer when outside the UK as the proxy option will not work for this.

itv Abroad
Proxy: Yes VPN: Yes

4OD from outside the UK
Proxy: No VPN:Yes
Notes: 4OnDemand will only work through the VPN option

Channel 5 Abroad
Proxy: Yes VPN: Yes

Sky TV Abroad
Proxy: No VPN: Yes

TV Catchup Outside the UK
Proxy: No VPN: Yes

Zattoo Abroad
Proxy: No VPN: Yes