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Watch US and UK TV Abroad with Identity Cloaker VPN & Proxy Software

This page goes in to some long details of how to watch US and UK TV abroad, however most of you really dont need (or want) to know all this. So for those who just want to know ‘the answer’ and get viewing Hulu outside the US or BBC iPlayer outside the UK the BEST method is with Identity Cloaker. Scroll down the page a little and you will see a video showing it in action, you are literally just a few clicks away from being able to watch UK, USA, Canadian and many other TV stations from around the world.

Hulu outside the US? iPlayer outside the UK? No longer a problem!
It also works great for Sky Player, so those of you with a Sky subscription can watch Sky TV Abroad

For those of you who want to know more one of the best ways to watch TV abroad is to get it directly from the broadcasting company, or one of their partner networks. Most of the big networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, SciFi, Comedy Central from the US and BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5 and around 20 more from the UK broadcast their shows direct and online with great quality pictures and sound.

If you live in the country the channel is broadcast in then things are pretty easy, just go to their own website and watch (US TV, UK TV). Job Done!

However if you don’t live in the UK or US this is not going to work, the TV companies have systems in place to restrict their content to local residents, so in theory is not possible to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK.

Dont worry though as thankfully this little problem is very easy to get around, what you need is either a proxy server or VPN (Virtual Private Network) linking you to the broadcast country, which will let you watch US and UK TV abroad.

These essentially will make it appear your computer is located somewhere else, by routing all your data to a another computer within that country.

Sounds complex? Well it probably is, but you don’t need to worry about any of that. There are a number of providers out there, and I have used a few in  past few years, but for well over a year I only use one package, Identity Cloaker. Now this software package was not originally designed to let you watch TV abroad, it was made simply as security package to hide the location of your computer online, for whatever purpose you need. This however is a bit of a bonus, because you can use the software to increase your online security when you are not viewing TV. None of the other packages for watch Hulu or iPlayer abroad can offer this advantage!

Identity Cloaker - Watch US and UK TV abroad, including BBC iPlayer outside the UKIdentity Cloaker

Identity Cloaker is a security application designed to be portable, you can install it on a USB stick and carry it with you wherever you go. It requires no actual installation as such, no part of Windows is changed when you put it on your computer, however this comes at the cost of not being able to make it look as pretty as other applications. This tradeoff is well worth it however, as along with a the portability the application will run on limited Windows account (no need to be an admin to run this). This make it one of the easiest to use and more portable ways of watching iPlayer abroad.

Purchasing the program is simple, they accept multiple forms of payment (including Paypal) and you will be up an running in just a few minutes. One great thing is this company does not auto rebill you, when your subs end they will send you an email reminder and that is it.

‘Installation’ is very easy, you have the choice to put the program on your computer like you would most programs or to install just to a folder. As mentioned above this folder can even be on a USB flash drive allowing you to take the program with you (TV in the office anybody?).

Once installed you need to enter your license key, this key only unlocks the software so even if you installed it to a USB drive and it was stolen people can’t use your account.

The program will then download a list of locations you can use, at the time of writting these were Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Sweden, Canada and the USA.

Simply select your chosen country from the list, press connect and you computer is now ‘located’ within that country!

Watch Hulu outside US and BBC iPlayer abroad with ease!
(Of course in the actual program the IPs are not greyed out like above!)

To use the connection simply open up Internet Explorer, Firefox is supported too, when prompted enter your Identity Cloaker username and password and go to any site you want to see. It is really as simple as that.

You are now ‘virtually’ in the country you selected!

So if you are overseas and want to watch BBC iPlayer while abroad just select a UK proxy, if you want to download from BBC iPlayer or watch 4oD you will need to setup the connection as a VPN (details of this are at the bottom of the ‘Software Setup‘ page). Hulu also requires that you use the VPN function rather than the proxy option, I have a video of Hulu working from Australia in the US TV section.

Now as they say a picture paints a thousand words so the video below shows you this bit of software actually in action, just order from the Identity Cloaker website to start watching in just a few minutes!

This video shows BBC iPlayer, ITV and Sky all working in Australia (and that’s about as far as you can get from the UK without going to New Zealand or Antarctica!)

 (This video is in 720p, watch full screen for best quality)

As you can see its all very fast and easy, you will be watching iPlayer or other UK and US TV channels in minutes! Most other systems may work OK when you are in Europe and close to the UK but this is the only system I have seen working in Australia, West coast of the USA, Japan and South America, all places a long way from the UK.

So why not try the 10 day trial and if you enjoy BBC iPlayer and other UK & US TV channel, remember will never be auto re-billed!

I have travelled a lot and used this program without problems in USA (New York, Las Vegas, Houston) Caribean (Antigua, Jamaica), Europe (London, Malaga, Moscow), Asia (Bangkok, Chiang Mai),  Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast), not a single issue in any of those places. If you have problems then do contact Identity Cloaker support directly, as this really works from just about anywhere in the world!

Oh lastly the product also boasts a 2 week money back guarantee:

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked. If you, for any reasons, don’t like the software just ask for your money back. You don’t even have to say why.

Get Identity Cloaker And Enjoy iPlayer Outside the UK

Watch US and UK TV Abroad with Identity Cloaker VPN & Proxy Software

If you have any problems using Identity Cloaker to watch US or UK TV abroad take a look at our tips on getting British TV in Australia.