Your Complete UK TV Guide

The weekend is here with us once again! Many family men and women look forward to spending quality time with their families. What better way to spend quality time with your family than to sit in the house as you chat while enjoying a family friendly television program. For the more conservative families, a great set of sporting programs are going to be on air that are suitable for the whole family viewing. Live Snooker: The World Championship is one such program that is aired on BBC Two on Friday at 10.00 am. Jason Mohammad presents the coverage of the second session of the first semi-final.

But you don’t have to be all sporty for you to enjoy the TV with your family there are other family friendly programs. If you love the soaps, drama or thriller movies/series make a date with Channel Five at 1.15 pm to catch an episode running on Home and Away. Dex makes an effort to confide in Steph about Romeo’s affliction with cancer. This prompts April who happens to be jealous to tell Steph that Dex had earlier on suffered an injury to the brain. This is a great program that will leave you sitting pretty in your seat without having to be shifty with the kids in the living room.

On Saturday you can decide to surprise your family with a sumptuous meal. Get one of the best recipes in Saturday Kitchen Live at 10.00 am on BBC One. James Martin will be joined by Glynn Martin – a top chef and Vivek Singh also a great chef and actress Laura Haddock. The actress will essentially be facing her food heaven. Tim Atkin will be at hand to provide drinks to complement the dishes. This is the sort of program that your kids would also find interesting. At 9.00 pm you can follow Sisco Gomez in the Shortlisted With Sisco Gomez on the Community Channel to the stars. The program presents a life changing opportunity for dancers as Gomez searches for new talent.

The Bing Bang Theory is one of my favourite sitcoms. Episode 14 in Series 6 will be on air on Sunday at 8.00 pm on E4 Plus 1. In this episode the ever hilarious Sheldon is furious because the university has forced him to work with Kripke. On the other hand Howard’s hobby gets him into financial trouble. For half an hour you will be treated to some of the best easy flowing jokes. They say laughter is the best medicine, more tickling of the ribs can be obtained on More 4 at 10.00 pm in Father Ted before you get to bed and prepare for a whole new week.

Monday is often a slow day. If you wish to stay abreast with current affairs, once you get home at 8.00 pm you can tune in to BBC News 24or CNN. For something more entertaining and refreshing you can catch Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman in Mythbusters at 8.00 pm on Quest as they investigate conspiracy theories alleging NASA faked the landing on the moon in July 1969. Tuesday is another day that will probably be spent at the workplace. As you walk back into the house you will be looking forward to catching some action on TV.

On Tuesday at 8.00 pm on BBC One, Sign Zone: Holby City will be on air. In this episode Malick is given extra responsibilities that he has been longing for. However for how long will he remain impartial? Jac is stunned by a revelation as Sacha is welcomed back by devastating news. The program stars Ben Hull, Bob Barrett among other stars. Wednesday and you have a chance to watch the Apprentice – a reality TV program on BBC One at exactly 9.00 pm.

The 2013 Formula One Season Is Go!

TV programming doesn’t get any better than want will be on offer this week. The start of the Formula One marks the beginning of grand viewership. Destined to start on 17th, which is just two days away, F1 is just awesome, with our country well represented by racing greats. This comes hot on the heels of a frustrating week in which all the English teams were bundled out of the Champions league. However before you get all excited, before the action starts this Sunday, you can settle in for something more subtle this Friday.

On Dave ja vu starting from 5:00 pm for a whole one hour you have an opportunity to catch the action in Top Gear. Jenson Button, a great British racing driver will be taking on the F1 Challenge.  Richard Hammond will also be gracing your screens as he test drives the Noble M15 supercar prototype. This is a sure way to wet your test buds as you wait for real action come Sunday. All the same you can flip through the channels to see what else is being televised. Many of the local channels will be showing the latest Formula One news, highlights and previews right through the weekend.

Come Saturday you may wish to break away from the F1 fever. Showing on BBC One starting at 9:40 pm – 10:10pm will be an intriguing episode in the ever entertaining Mrs Brown’s Boys series. In this episode Agnes is upset by Trevor’s decision to work for a mission project somewhere in Africa. She makes a decision to remind him of his loving family in Ireland by throwing him an unforgettable send-off party. Saturday is a great day for the family. If this program does not keep you hooked then an episode from the Spiral 4: State of Terror will keep you edged to your seat.

The program will be on air from 10:00 pm. It is a dramatic conclusion to the series with the police catching on with the likes of Thomas Riffaut and his gang. But the conflict in the police unit leaves some loose ends.

Sunday is the big day, the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship gets under way officially at the Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia at 2:00 am (ET). There will be major surprises in the first day, next in line will be the Malaysian Grand Prix on the 24th starting at 4:00 am (ET).

A hearty laugh later in the day should ease your nerves. The big bang theory on Channel 4 will be running from 12:30pm and it will surely leave you in stitches. Leonard and Sheldon’s flat is burgled and they are forced to work on a state of the art security system.

Monday is often very slow. After work you can settle-in, in your couch to unwind as you watch the amazing university students outdo each other in the never wrecking University Challenge program, on BBC Two at 8:00pm. It is the quarters and the competition is very stiff. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions. Tuesday as you begin to brace yourself for the weekend, E4 at 9:00pm will be giving you something to prepare for F1 action on Sunday. Rude Tube: Ultimate Stunts will show case some of the most audacious stunts available on the Internet.

On Wednesday and the week is almost over, on BBC One at 9:00 pm a new series will be on air. The series is known as The Syndicate in which five hospital workers have their numbers come up on a Euro lottery jackpot. Unfortunately one of them does not know what she did with the winning ticket.

Finally it is Thursday and you can start preparing for the weekend in earnest. On BCC Three at 9:00pm We’re Having a Baby will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as young adults explore issues surrounding pregnancy and child birth in 21st century Britain.


Entertaining UK TV from March 1st 2013

This is yet another week where you can stay glued to your seat catching the action on your TV. Many of the free UK channels have prepared a tantalizing menu that is sure to keep everybody in the family entertained. Whether you are into action movies, thrillers, drama, horror, you name it, there will be something specifically for you. Prepare yourself early for the thrill of a lifetime this week.

Pick your remote and catch the action tomorrow on, Friday 1st on BBC1 in the soap, East Enders. This popular 30 minute program hits the screen at 8:00 pm, and iPlayer a short time afterwards. The cast features the outstanding Letitia Dean who plays the role of Sharon Rickman. Jack (played by Scott Maslen) gets to hear a message from Sharon’s solicitor who wants her to come with her passport to a meeting that is supposed to take place that evening.  Will Jack sabotage the deal? Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) on the other hand does not feel comfortable being in Walford and prepares to leave.

At 9:00 on the same day on BBC Two you have the opportunity of catching the exhilarating “The Jewel of Arabia” show that runs for one hour. The show gives you the opportunity to explore nature at its best. You will explore the mountains of Dhofar in Oman as you enjoy the journey which takes you through the lives of fascinating wildlife including the green sea turtle, and striped hyenas. You will also get an opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of the ever elusive Arabian Leopard and the chameleon. On the cast is Alexander Siddig.

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief is a program that will be on air starting from 8:00 pm on BBC one on Saturday 2nd. Alex and Steve present the last dance in the charity dance contest. The winners of the night will join other finalists. Justin Bieber and Nicole Scherzinger will also perform their latest singles in the program. Others on the cast include Lee Mack and Keith Lemon who are in the judging panel.

After attending church service on Sunday at 2:00 pm you can catch Ant & Dec’s Saturday on ITV2. The duo are going to be running one of their most ambitious pranks after meeting Jeremy Kyle, a Hollywood superstar. At the end of the show one of the biggest pop stars in the world also gets to perform.  On quest at 2:00 pm outback truckers will be on air. This is a program that will leave you awed, drivers will be trying to manoeuvre vehicles through Australia’s toughest highways. For a whole one hour you will be mesmerized by these drivers and the kind of stunts that they will be pulling.

The following day on Monday ITV 3 will give you something different from what you may have been used to, Law & Order: UK will be on air starting from 11:00 pm. Brooks and Devlin hit the road running to investigate the murder of a former vice cop who is beaten to death. Crime-drama, that will get your mind working as you try to piece things together.

Tuesday is perceived as a better day compared to Monday, on the air will be the unique series of 16 kids and counting on channel 4. The series features seven of Britain’s largest families.  Issues such as finances, sibling rival and discipline are explored in the series.

Midweek on Wednesday on Channel Five at 9:00 pm will be NCIS where the body of a Navy lieutenant is discovered on the side of a road. A second body is found near the scene which leads the NCIS team to belief that there is a serial killer on the loose. Is there one or not?, find out by catching the action on Channel Five.

Programs to Keep You Entertained after a Week of Intense Football Action

After a week of action on both local and international foot-balling scene there will be so much for us to look forward to in the following week on our television sets. The action never ceases if you look the TV. Here are a few awesome programmes that will be screening next week.

To get your Monday started in style are a couple of programs that will keep you glued to your television. First up is the entertaining drama series, Black Mirror that will be aired on Channel 4. The Black Mirror is a series that predicts a bleak future that is dictated by technology. The series will put your mind into overdrive mode. Jamie is an unhappy worker whose alter ego, Waldo, is gifted and is good in what he does. The program tackles politics in a satirical manner, brought out very well using the right touch of wit.

The same evening on BBC 2 more tantalizing programmes will also be on air. Dancing on the Edge will be airing starting at 9:00 pm. This compelling series will keep you on the edges of your seat as you wait to get answers to the many questions that must have been running in your head as the series reaches its logical conclusion. Who killed Jessie? Was it Masterson who did the dirty job or was it Julia who lost it and went ahead to commit the crime? Nobody knows who to trust, the police are out in numbers to apprehend the killer… Don’t miss the action on BBC 2.

On Tuesday of the same week you will get a glimpse of what goes on in our railway networks, in, The Railway. In an episode titled Standing Room Only, the volume of people who put pressure on the railway network is brought to the fore. You won’t believe what you will get to see. Meanwhile in another scene we get to meet Hayley at Lost Property. In this scene we get to see how almost anything can find its way to the arms of Hayley at Lost Property.

Before you actually get to bed on Tuesday flip to 5USA at 11:00pm. At this time the brilliant Full Metal Jacket will be gracing your screen. Director Stanley Kubrick brings out a portrait of men who are at war. The men in uniform have to survive a boot camp before they get to see action in the jungle. The drill sergeant, R Lee deals with the recruits brutally, and the film certainly does belong to him. However on the warfront the battle is hellish, the marines die in their numbers but the casualties are even bigger in number on the other side.

A story of oil prospectors who travel to a newly discovered Pacific island is told on ITV on Wednesday 27th February. This is a remake of the 1933 fantasy adventure. On the island the men come across a gigantic gorilla that is ready to attack. Fortunately the men manage to capture the ape and take it to America where it wreaks havoc in New York after escaping. King Kong is the name of the movie and will surely set the mood for the remaining days of the week.

Finally in our list of must watch programmes is the reality TV show, Don’t Tell The Bride. The show will be on air on BBC Three at 10:00pm on the 28th of February. A groom to be has already been given £12,000 to plan the details of his wedding to his fiancée. The aim is to give the bride a wedding of her dreams. The seventh series of the program is to be filmed this year.

Top Gear Makes An Epic Return in 2013

Ever since that cold night during the October of 2002 top gear has grabbed the attention of millions around the world, turning those boring Sunday nights into a ticket for family entertainment. Since its first original air on the 20th of October 2002 top gear has rocketed through 18 unique series, only now to begin the epic journey of series 19. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for a brand new series, however they are not alone. Along with the return of the famous 3, their talent of humour also brings a comeback, over the years we have all sat down on those Sunday evenings with are eyes literally stuck to the screen watching the stupidity and comedy that makes top gear what it is today. Top gear is on a journey for an epic return, the show touches the hearts of millions, in the first episode of this mind numbing new series we see Jeremy attempt to construct a car smaller than the peel p50 or the micro car as it is more commonly known as.

Over the years this simply amazing show has developed a humorous and occasionally controversial style, grabbing the attention of 350 million views per week in over 170 countries. This once simple magazine show in 1977 has evolved into a generation of comedy that is presented every Sunday night. The British television show that has been presented for now more than a decade on are T-Vs is no doubt a must see for all comedy seekers, car lovers etc.

Last year Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May decided to bring this show back from dead, the show had got better and better with each passing series; people couldn’t wait until this new series aired, the intense but funny challenges get better and funnier. With the announcement of a new series (series 19) the world watched as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May prepared to present their biggest, most intense presentation of top gear that we have ever seen.

Top gear somehow manages to appeal in funny and entertaining terms to people who aren’t interested in cars. It is simply a mix of 3 hosts messing around and frequently doing crazy things, getting involved with extreme challenges where in most cases they end up competing against each other. It’s funny, entertaining; it makes those cold, boring and dull Sunday nights turn into an adventure for family entertainment and laughter, what more could you ask for?

For such a simple show it has gone so far in the world, its mind blowing, fabulous, creative, funny, unique, and interesting the list can go longer and expand further than any other show. Hands down it is one of the best shows ever presented on TV; you get an adrenaline rush just from watching it. Although it has a same repetitive plot it manages to counter such matters with its humour, car lover or not this show is just plain funny 3 middle aged blokes cocking about and arguing, its absolutely fantastic.

With the beginning of its new series, we just have to wait to see what wacky surprises Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have prepared to show us. It is sure to dominate TV in the upcoming weeks, passing any obstacles in its path with the unique plot, humour and stupidity that is top gear. It gives something for all TV watchers something to look forward to.

So if you want your Top Gear fix, but don’t want to wait until your local TV station shows it (and endure the endless adverts they will no doubt add) grab a copy of Identity Cloaker and watch it straight from the BBC iPlayer service today!

Hot New TV Programs Lined Up For the Coming Week

Friday night, the 21st September, sees Gok Wan grace our screens with the new dating game show called Baggage. It starts at 8pm and last for an hour, and is the perfect way to start your weekend with a little bit of cringy, cheesy TV. The game starts with singletons, both male and female, choosing a partner to go on an all-expenses paid trip abroad. They have to slowly reveal their secrets and habits throughout the game, which become more and more weird and wonderful.

Episode one of eight sees Gok giggle his way through a whole host of bizarre secrets that the contestants have. The first woman is a celebrity stalker and the guy favours wearing lady’s pyjamas. The odd new show is a little bit like Blind Date but with more laughs and is just good old fun TV. It’s the perfect way to end your hectic week and get set for the weekend’s TV.

The next new series that is hitting our screens this week is called Being Liverpool. It starts at 9pm on Channel 5 and lasts one hour. It is straight after Baggage and is a little different but if your partner coaxes you into watching Baggage then you can repay the favour by watching this program that’s all geared around Liverpool Football Club. It looks at the early days when Liverpool were a force to be reckoned with, and how managers have been sacked time and time again due to the super-high expectations of the club’s owners and chairmen. This program looks at the seasons that Brendan Rogers was the boss, as well as Chelsea’s FA Cup win over the Reds. We see Kenny Dalglish get the sack, and not for the first time, as well as the pre-season tour of the USA.

Even if you’re not a Reds fan it’s a pretty good watch and the perfect way to set yourself up for Saturday’s football.

As TV seems to be all about cakes, baking and foody programs, why not add another to your list of things to watch. Sunday sees The Home of Fabulous Cakes hit our screens at 3:35pm on ITV1. It is a new series that will run for 10 episodes and follows Fiona Cairns, a Leicestershire-based baker. She is ‘building’ an 8-tiered cake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and she lets the viewers in on a few home-cooked secrets.

You also find out what the best treats are for tea parties as well as how to make lavender sugar, vanilla shortbreads and a white chocolate and lemon Madeira cake in the shape of a teapot.

Sunday is also the start of a new series from the ever-faithful Kevin McCloud and his homeowner/building show. The Grand Designs star builds his very own mobile cabin from scratch and works with a team of people that rely totally on recycled materials to live by and build with. Kevin tries to get out of London’s rat-race and heads to the country in Somerset to see if he can escape the noise and bustle of the city centre. The shows starts at 8pm on Channel 4 and lasts for an hour. It’s the perfect end to your weekend and if you love your design, building and renovation type programs then you’ll love Kevin’s new show.

Doctor Who Returns for 2012

Starting on Thursday 30th August at 9:00pm on BBC1 is Good Cop. It’s a fantastic crime drama that is set to run for four episodes with the first being shown today and every Thursday afterwards. It’s a gritty drama that is both designed to shock and thrill you at the same time. The first episode sees Sav (John Paul Rocksavage) stop a diner waitress from being assaulted by a group of men, and Sav’s sidekick gets murdered by another group of thugs later on. This leads Sav to search for the killers and seek his revenge on those that put an end to his colleague’s life. Struggling with the death of his friend, Sav finds a loaded gun under the crime scene’s floorboards and has a big decision to make that could affect his future as a Liverpool policeman.

The next TV show that starts this week is on Friday 31st August at 7:30pm on BBC1. It’s called Cash Britain and is a fascinating documentary that looks at how pawn-brokers’ customers are surviving in this topsy-turvy economic climate. Cashing everything and anything they own, they try and meet payments and pay bills. As wages and salaries aren’t rising in the UK yet the cost of living is incredible, and the fact that many of us have debt looming overhead from years gone by the documentary looks at a factory worker that cashes in diamonds to pay for his business and his employees for another few months. It’s a shocking look at the state of the economy and what it’s really like in Britain at the moment.

Harry Hill makes a welcomed return to our screens on Saturday 1st September as he takes the role of the New You’ve Been Framed series. It’s in its 25th season and it still never fails to entice a laugh, a giggle and a smile as we see the public’s camcorder tapes, gaffs and funny practical jokers caught on camera. There are thrills, spills, accidents and hilarious jokers that are seen, and with narration from Harry Hill you’re bound to be entertained going into Saturday night.

It starts at 6:25pm on ITV1 and if you’re a fan of comedy, funny video clips and from the YouTube generation then you’ll love this new series. There are animal videos, people falling over, silly children and grandmas and wedding day nightmares that combine to make it the perfect evening’s entertainment.

Staying with comedy shows, we see Fool Britannia hit our screens on Saturday 1st September straight after You’ve Been Framed, which is Dom Joly’s hilarious new show. The Trigger Happy TV star is back on our screens and making a nuisance of himself in the UK. He dresses up and pretends to be a thieving vicar, pushes an old woman off a bridge and basically terrorises Britain’s unsuspecting public in Bath, Cambridge and Oxford. He also ventures to Liverpool where he pretends to be an over-zealous safety office.

Like Trigger Happy TV this is another hidden-camera show that has a wide range of oddball characters that are completely unaware of the fate that is about to happen. A well-worked series of pranks and jokes on the public sees your laughing fit carry on after You’ve Been Framed and is set to be one of the funniest new shows to be released in a while.

Lastyly let is not forget the return of two greats, Doctor Who and the F1 Grand Prix series both return this weekend. Doctor who return in the UK on September the 1st, and will be shown in Australia a week later. One thing that is new this year though is the Australian version if iPlayer, iView, will have a copy of Doctor Who online within an hour of it being shown in the UK. So you will be able to watch it online in Australia before it even hits the networks. This gives those of you in other parts of the world using Identity Cloaker another source to view from. If you are in New Zealand for instance you should find using an Australian IP and the iView service better than using iPlayer.

The Formula One GP returns with the Spa race, and coverage of that is as follows:

Belgian Grand Prix 2012, day one

  • Friday, 31 August: First practice 08:55 BST; BBC Red Button/online (audio and text). Second practice 12:55; BBC Red Button/online (audio and text).

Belgian Grand Prix 2012, day two

  • Saturday, 1 September: Third practice 09:55 BST; BBC Red Button/online (audio and text). Qualifying 12:10 BST; BBC One online (audio and text).

Belgian Grand Prix 2012, day three

  • Sunday, 2 September: Race build up 12:10 BST; BBC On/BBC One HD/online. Race live: 13:00; BBC One/online/BBC Radio 5 live. Highlights 19:00 BST BBC Three.

Anybody with a Sky account and access to the Sky F1 channel can of course watch ALL the races, practices and much more live.

Happy viewing!

New Seasons Hitting Our TV Screens Soon

The first up for terrestrial TV watchers is ‘In With the Flynns’, which is back for a second series on BBC1 at 9:30pm on Friday 17th August. Starring Will Mellor, Warren Clarke and Niky Wardley again we see the tongue-in-cheek comedy raise a few eyebrows and definitely tickles the funny bone in us. It’s perfect for your Friday nights after a long hard week at the office. With six episodes in this series that’s our Friday nights sorted.

The new series is named ‘The Tandyman’ and is all about a burglar that’s trapped in the kitchen of Liam and Caroline’s home. The pair manage to keep him on the other side of the door, but in a turn up of events the burglar actually threatens the duo for ‘undue force’ and says he will press charges. As you can imagine, the jokes are plentiful and the hilarity ensues from the beginning until the end. Meanwhile, Him and Kevin head off on a fishing trip – of sorts – and Chloe’s best friend is staying. While the first series might have been missed, as most are unless they time the adverts for the build-up correctly, this second series is bound to make you set an alarm for your start to the weekend’s evening viewing.

Saturday sees a couple of new shows hitting our TV screens, mainly thanks to the Olympics ending and we need something fresh to watch, and first up is the ‘All New Total Wipeout’ which starts at 5:25pm on BBC1 on Saturday. Twenty more contestants join in with the adventure game show where they have to get over and through a bunch of challenges that are dastardly, difficult and down-right dangerous but hilarious at the same time.

The next show we have is ‘Red or Black’ whereby the Geordie due Ant and Dec are back for a second series (and will carry on for another 6 shows) on ITV1. It starts at 7:15pm on Saturday and is a game where 8 contestants have to guess the outcome of a myriad of tasks that are put in front of them. The amazing stunts and tricks that are ‘bet’ on are great viewing as is but for the plucky contestants the chance to win £500,000 is fantastic too. Just to add to the whole viewing potential Cover Drive, the chart-topping band, will be playing live during the interludes.

Straight after Red or Black on ITV1 at 8:00pm is The X Factor, which is back for its 9th season. Dermot O’Leary hosts the show as always and brings out the judges of Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger. Mel B will also be a guest judge in Manchester, but there are other famous judges that will make appearances. The new show will allow musicians and singers in that have previously had recording contracts and they can write and use their own songs, so the line-up and difficulty of this season’s show will be much harder than ones gone by.

As always we will see the very best and the very worst contestants pitting their supposed talents to the judges and see the giggles, tears and elation from them. Dashing their hopes and dreams or making them come true the judges have a tough task on their hands once again.

Great New Seasons Starting on UK Terrestrial TV

With more than 10 seasons of the latest type of Mastermind we have grown to love it and hate it in equal measure. The difficulty of the questions can blow your mind more than any boffins on University Challenge, but it’s a joyous occasion when you manage to tot up your score and feel like you’d be in with a chance. John Humphreys takes the contestants on a roller-coaster ride of challenging questions that even stump them on some of the specialist subjects.

Taking the black chair with the darkened studio must be more pressure than the contestants are ever used to but it makes for intriguing and interesting viewing. The Mastermind champion will have to pass a few gruelling quizzes and make it to the final before pipping the rest of the challengers, but as this is the first of 31 shows they have to be in it for the long-haul. Starting on BBC1 at 8pm on Friday 10 August, the contestants in this programme have their speciality subjects as the Savoy Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, Fawlty Towers, the Life and Times of Elizabeth I and Jane Austen novels.

Again on Friday 10 August, at the same time as Mastermind (8pm) you can choose a little more down-to-Earth programme about food and budgeting with The Food we Eat. Starting on ITV1 Julie Etchingham takes us on an adventure about the food we shovel into our mouth on a daily basis. She looks at a mother of two struggles with feeding her two kids even though her husband has a job and yet the food shelters hand out food to the needy.

Julie shows us how to budget effectively to ensure that we meet all our dietry requirements without having to spend a fortune on fad diets, super foods and how to eat a balanced meal and have money left over at the end of the week. With food prices rising to astonishing levels this is the perfect Friday-night TV to make a change for the following week and start to look at what we eat, why we eat it and how we can make our grocery shopping cheaper.

Something a bit more fun and fast-paced is The Endless Winter a Surfing Special. It starts on Sunday 12 August at 7:30am and starts in England’s number one surfing hotspot of Cornwall. The show depicts how we gained the Californian surfing genre of living and laid-back attitude to the mysterious sport. Although the southeast is the most popular place for surfing the show travels around the UK to visit many surfing venues. Mitch Corbett and Mark Harris present the programme which looks at everything to do with surfing from the history to the gear you need and how to start or how to turn professional.

It comes at the midst of the summer when surfers from around the globe will be heading to the biggest, baddest waves they can find to ride them and practice their skills, gain new ones and hang out with life-minded people that love to live life on the edge. It’s a very different sort of show that graces our TV compared to the reality TV episodes that tend to dominate the line-up and give terrestrial TV watchers something to look forward to.

Shows to Entertain You In Between the Olympics

With the Olympics taking over our screens for the next couple of weeks there is a need to interject your viewing habits with some ‘normal’ people that aren’t teaming with muscles or leaner than the Tower of Pisa. So, here are couple of TV programmes to look forward to over the next week or so.

First up is the feisty Italian Michela Chiappa with the programme entitled ‘Simply Italian’. It’s ideal for us in the UK that are addicted to Italian food but have no clue how or where to start to make it ourselves. She shows us in her cheeky way how simple it really is and what the main ingredients and special ones are that make an Italian dish really stand out.

Starting on Channel 4 at 8:30pm until 9pm, on Monday 30th July, Simply Italian starts by taking the viewers on a journey through the typical Italian food that we buy in the supermarkets or go out to eat (which is usually expensive) and shows just how easy and cheap they are to make at home. With special Italian dough, filled pastas, sauces and some super-secret special dishes, we get to find out how easy it is to make pasta from scratch in just a few minutes and how healthy it is compared to freeze-dried, shop-bought ones.

Michela also heads to Bologna and learns how to make an authentic, traditional Bolognese sauce that can be used in so many dishes. It’s certainly going to make your mouth water if you’re an Italian food lover, and with her pretty smile and charm Michela presents the show very well too.

Onto the next Olympic-dodging TV show and shown straight after Simply Italian on Channel 4 on the 30th July, the hour-long show at 9pm until 10pm follows the spaceship adventure by NASA heading to Mars. In a bid to find out if there really is life on Mars or it could hold life forms, the nuclear-powered space rover explores the terrain. The ultra-clever buggy cost $2.5 billion to develop and is winched onto the Red Planet by a crane from the spaceship. It’s discovers are relayed back to Earth via satellite images and videos, so that scientists can judge what is going on and get a closer look at the planet first hand.

Most of the Mars expeditions end in failure and as a result we’re still not sure about the planet and what it holds. Chief scientists John Grotzinger who developed and designed the whole project discusses what we could see and what is expected from the planet as well as others in the solar system. It’s a remarkable programme and one that will explore unseen parts of our world.

The next TV programme that will help you forget about the Olympics is Vexed. It’s in its second season on BBC2 at 9pm until 10pm on Wednesday 1st August, and see Jack Armstrong try and charm his new partner Georgina Dixon, who is ‘vexed’ at the detectives lack of care for the job. Being thrown in at the deep end with a suspicious death of a car salesman, the pair work together to fight the case and solve the crime. It’s a love-hate relationship that is addictive to watch and will no doubt develop into a great show to watch.