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Watch US and UK TV Abroad with Identity Cloaker VPN & Proxy Software

Are you living or traveling abroad right now, or perhaps you plan to in the future??

Do you wish you could watch and/or catch up with your home Country’s latest TV programs?

You may well already know that most TV companies around the world now broadcast all their content online too. However once abroad you will no doubt be very frustrated to find you are blocked from watching your country’s ‘Catch Up’ or live online TV services!

However we can now offer you the means to get TV abroad and get around these restrictions, whether you are traveling and want your local TV abroad, or simply want to view International TV from home. (e.g  Use BBC iPlayer or Hulu from wherever you are in the World!)

You can watch TV abroad via the InternetTV is fast changing!  There is an inexorable move towards sourcing TV streamed directly from the Internet, and the speed of this move is increasing year on year. In the UK the growth of the BBC iPlayer service has seen no precedent, growing faster than any new media format in history.

We are still in the early days, with many on-line ‘Catch Up’ services available, pioneering the market for people watching more and more TV on-line, and surely the time is approaching that much TV content will only be available via the Internet.

The impact on TV service providers like the BBC and ITV is huge, their traditional income stream from advertisers and license fees is very much under threat as traditional terrestrial and satellite viewing figures start to dwindle, they have to maximize their viewing figures, so are having to keenly pursue on-line viewers, but they have to live in a very restricted environment in which Content/Program Providers impose Geographically restricted Licensing Conditions in order to protect their own Markets, which Broadcasters are Legally obliged to adhere to.

This means that Broadcasters have to restrict their services to be accessible only within closely defined geographical areas of the Internet, this for instance the BBC must deny access to iPlayer to those outside the UK.

In fact the term ‘Broadcaster’ is becoming obsolete, because instead of broadcasting fixed content through transmitters for only those in range to pick up at the time it is ‘shown’,  the Viewer can now go out and choose what and when they want to view at any time 24/7 … This is a subtle, but fundamental change.

The control is fast shifting from the Broadcaster to the Viewer.

So now we can put YOU in full control of your viewing, and break down the last barrier to International viewing, those Geographical restrictions that can block your access.

Just imagine, the time is coming when you can watch whatever programs you want wherever they are in the world, with you in compete control!

True International TV abroad without borders can be yours!!!

So, the ‘state of play’ so far for viewing TV abroad include (ordered by my opinion of best first):

  1. Directly from the service provider (such as direct from the BBC iPlayer, NBC, ABC etc)
  2. Through a 3rd party site (USA: Hula, Fancast, Modern Feed; UK: TV Catchup, Zattoo)
  3. From a special hosting company (e.g. American TV 2 Go for USA TV)
  4. TV streaming applications

So how can you get access to these services, and the ever increasing number of Providers?

The general concept is to offer you tools that allow you to appear to the TV Provider that you are accessing from within their Licensed Broadcasting Territory (LBT).

This can be achieved by connecting through a ‘Proxy’ service within the LBT.  How?  Possible solutions:-

  1. Low cost Premium Subscription ‘Proxy’ services, typically 6.66 Euros a month  which allow you to gain access to most UK and USA FTA (Free to Air) TV available.
  2. Various free options, but they are generally either technically complex or extremely unreliable for TV viewing. (e.g. Networks such as TOR are generally too slow for iPlayer to work properly), and there are serious security concerns with several other free solutions.

To learn more about using proxy servers to watch your TV abroad head over to the ‘How To‘ section, or if you just interested in the most frequently requested TV service check out how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

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